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Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD)

‘Dyslexia is a Specific Learning Difficulty that primarily affects the skills involved in accurate and fluent word reading and spelling’.

Dyslexia is also associated with difficulties with:

  • Phonological awareness

  • Verbal memory

  • Working memory

  • Verbal processing speed

  • Following instructions


Dyslexia is best thought of as a continuum whereby some or all of these difficulties may occur. It often co-occurs alongside other Specific Learning Difficulties such as Dyspraxia or Dyscalculia. 


There are many strengths that individuals with Dyslexia often possess, including:

  • Creativity including music and art

  • Problem solving

  • Verbal communication

  • Visual skills

  • Highly intuitive and insightful


How can we help?


At Blossom House School, we have a dedicated team of SpLD teachers who offer support across Primary, Secondary and Post 16 in many different forms. Such support for both pupils and staff includes;

  • 1:1 SpLD lessons

  • Collaborative group teaching with class teachers and Speech and Language Therapists

  • Dyslexia friendly approach to lessons including highly visual teaching

  • Training in and access to assistive technology

  • Individual access arrangements and support for exams

  • Regular Dyslexia awareness training for all staff

  • Training in using standardised assessments for annual reviews

  • Study skills sessions

Please click here for more information on the SpLD provision at Blossom House.


About CReSTeD


Our purpose is to help parents and those who advise them choose an educational establishment to support a child with Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD). Of these the main difficulty is dyslexia, there is, however, a general recognition that dyslexia does not always exist in isolation and latest research demonstrates a high level of co-occurrence with other difficulties. These include Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia, ADD, ADHD as well as Pragmatic and Semantic Language Difficulties.

Blossom House School

Blossom Lower School & Upper House

Principal: Joanna Burgess Dip.C.S.T, MPCSLT, Dip.R.S.A SpLD. PGCE
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