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The school promotes a wide range of sporting opportunities to encourage the pupils to have a greater understanding of the benefits of physical education. Pupils have PE three to four times a week alternating between two different sports. We have two multipurpose sports halls, and have been awarded the ‘Activemark’ by Sport England for our commitment to promoting the advantages of physical activity.

Among the wide range of competitive team sports on offer are football, hockey, basketball and cricket. The pupils also get the chance to take part in individual sports such as cross country running, gymnastics and athletics.

There is a large park very nearby and the pupils have regular lessons on the playing field there, taking part in summer games such as rounders, cricket and tennis.  We offer students the opportunity to widen their sporting abilities by providing golf, kayaking and fencing lessons, sports that they would normally not have the opportunity to experience.


The department organises annual residential trips to Paris, Devon and Barcelona, giving all pupils in Upper House the opportunity to experience independence away from home.


We run lots of events throughout the year, allowing students to showcase their talents, such as the ‘Skipathon’, gym and dance show and the fun run. These events allow the whole school to come together, boosting morale and the general atmosphere of togetherness within the school.  


We work with students to help develop their physical and technical ability in sports. Promoting health and well-being through physical activity is our mission aim as it educates students about later life and will allow them to make better life choices which will then have a positive impact on their health.


Sport teaches pupils to develop respect for others through good team work, developing workmanship at the same time as learning a new sport and improving their skills. Physical activity allows students’ self-confidence to develop through achieving and trying. Throughout our lessons students are constantly praised and thanked for their efforts and participation. This allows students to acknowledge that taking part and trying hard is a truly important quality to have during school life and after.

Blossom House School

Blossom Lower School & Upper House

Principal: Joanna Burgess Dip.C.S.T, MPCSLT, Dip.R.S.A SpLD. PGCE
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