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Adapted Curriculum

Adapted Curriculum is a separate provision at Blossom House for children who have more complex social communication needs. Currently catering for children up to Key Stage 2. The provision provides a low arousal, high therapeutic environment which follows a SCERTS approach. The approach supports the development of spontaneous functional communication as a primary aim.

The children in Adapted Curriculum all need support with very early communication skills, focusing on pre linguistic, early linguistic and attention skills. Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) is integrated into the classroom as the focus is very much on communication first, then academic learning.

SLT input is focused on creating the best communicative environment possible, with individualised strategies integrated into this. All input – SLT, occupational therapy and teaching – is as integrated and collaborative as possible. Individual SLT sessions can be provided but most of the input is focused on the environment and this integrated support.

Following a SCERTS philosophy, emotional regulation is a main aim, and linked to this we always consider and are aiming to support the child’s level of arousal and sensory needs, his or her anxieties and any other emotional needs.

In simple terms, we are always aiming to keep the children happy, for them to feel safe, and to trust us, and to want, and be able to, be around us and interact.

As in our Early Years and main school, there is a high adult to child ratio. Adapted Curriculum is managed by a Speech and Language Therapist, and each group is led by a teacher, with an additional Speech and Language Therapist, a teaching assistant who has received training to support children with language and communication difficulties, and an Occupational Therapist and Physiotherapist.

Key aspects of Adapted Curriculum:

  • Sensory needs and strategies

  • Transition strategies

  • Visuals/the environment

  • Attention Autism

  • Supporting behaviour

  • Intensive interaction

  • Working with parents

Unlike pupils in our nursery/reception groups, children in Adapted Curriculum may not transition on into the main school, as it may not offer the right provision for their more complex needs. There is close communication with parents to help with finding the right provision.

For enquiries about admissions in general, please call the admissions team on 020 8879 9901 or email

Blossom House School

Blossom Lower School & Upper House

Principal: Joanna Burgess Dip.C.S.T, MPCSLT, Dip.R.S.A SpLD. PGCE
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