If you are contacting us regarding a child we have offered a place to please call the school office and leave a voicemail

Please note we have no spaces within the Motspur Park school for 2021/22 admission except for nursery.


Children are accepted at Blossom House only after careful assessment, to ensure that we are the right provision.

Whilst the primary need of pupils at Blossom House is speech, language and communication needs, many also have additional co-occuring diagnoses. As such, approximately half of our children and young adults are diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum. This is taken into consideration during the initial assessment process and when a pupil is placed at the school, through planning, teaching, therapeutic input and behaviour management. The school is able to meet the needs of a pupil with an additional diagnosis of autism and be an appropriate and successful placement if the pupil is able to cope with the following features of our learning environment:

  • Learning within a small group setting and being able to process both academic instruction and social information at the same time

  • Coping with frequent transitions between classrooms

  • Coping with changes of staff for different lessons

  • Coping with changes to the school day eg trips and events

  • Coping with additional pupils joining a class

  • Coping with environmental stressors eg noise, heat, movement


Usually the initial enquiry is made by parents, but occasionally referrals come from Local Authorities, whether on the parents’ or their own behalf. A child does not need to have a Statement of Educational Needs or Education Health Care (EHC) Plan before being assessed by the school; however parents should be aware that the Statementing process can be protracted and complicated. Some year groups become very oversubscribed; places can only be held open for six months, and before making a formal offer we would need to be assured that Local Authority (or private) funding will be available.


Please contact us by emailing or by ringing the school to speak to Liz Mayo.


Please contact: or by ringing the school to speak to Shirley Padden.

For more information please contact Liz Mayo at the school office by sending a message using the form below. Please note, that we may not be able to offer an assessment immediately due to high demand. But, please feel free to contact us to discuss anything further.

Please note there is an assessment fee of £250 if your child is offered a place and you choose not to take it up. This fee reflects the detailed assessment process, which includes input over 3 days by several members of staff and the therapist's written report.

Initial Assessments

For parents who are looking for a place more quickly, we have a 2-stage assessment. The Initial Assessments  take approximately 45 minutes, and are an opportunity for parents to see around the school and discuss their child and their concerns with a senior member of staff, while one of our Speech and Language Therapists spends time with the child. This is an informal session (playing games or talking) and not a formal assessment. From this, it will usually be possible to tell whether we might be the right provision, and if this is the case we will invite the child back for a 3 - 5 day assessment.


3 - 5 day Assessments

Your child will spend 3 - 5 consecutive days with his/her age group, from 8.45am to 3.00pm. During this time there will be a formal SLT assessment as well as more informal observation of your child in lessons and around the school. The impact of your child on the current group dynamics is also taken into account. A decision will be made on whether the school can meet the needs of your child, and an offer of a place will be made, and a full report sent to the parents. Occasionally we may ask your child to come for a longer assessment period.


We hope this helps to explain our assessment process, but please don’t hesitate to ring the school for more information or to discuss your child with our admissions team.

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Our fees include:

  • Onsite Speech and Language therapy from a team of 23 qualified SLTs.

  • Direct occupational therapy and physiotherapy from onsite sensory integration trained OTs and physiotherapist.

  • Therapeutic input from our team of Arts Therapists.

  • Parent workshops

  • Skilled professional support into the family home by the school's Family Support team.

  • Interest costs of funding capital spend 

  • ‘Back office’ costs including HR, payroll, finance 

  • Recurrent equipment costs including maintenance 

  • School building costs (as an average per pupil p.a.)

  • Capital costs/depreciation

  • Social impact costs, saved by placement in an outstanding school compared to a less high quality, less appropriate school.  This might include impact on family; present and future reduction in reliance on support services; increased capacity of parents to earn and pay taxes etc; providing the pupil with the strategies, confidence and abilities to work and live independently in the future and contribute to society.

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