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About Blossom House

From the Principal

After many years’ experience as a Speech and Language therapist, I opened our first language-centred nursery group in 1989. It was run on the philosophy that children need both ‘language to learn’ and ‘to learn language’ through exposure to a range of experiences that enable them to master other skills.


In 1993 Blossom House extended its original brief and we started to provide full-time education for those children who continue to require an integrated programme of learning in a caring and highly supportive environment. Self-esteem and confidence are crucial to success and many of our children arrive at Blossom House with a very poor self-image and little belief in any ability they do have.


Blossom House has a unique atmosphere created by a totally dedicated, highly competent and wonderfully caring staff. We acknowledge specific strengths and support individual weaknesses, so that each child “blossoms” and has the opportunity to fulfil his or her potential.


Joanna Burgess OBE


Blossom House School

Blossom Lower School & Upper House

Principal: Joanna Burgess Dip.C.S.T, MPCSLT, Dip.R.S.A SpLD. PGCE
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