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This is a specialist 6th form college for students aged 16 – 19 years of age with speech, language and communication difficulties.  Although many of the students have some associated difficulties such as fine motor problems, poor organisational skills or low levels of independence, they are all within the average cognitive range. Upper House Post 16 is a unique provision as it is tailored, as much as possible, to cater for each student’s individual needs.


The Post 16 provision is in a separate wing of the building on the main school site.  The students have their own teaching and therapy rooms, small gym, kitchen and common room.


Upper House Post 16 is a college link provision for students who have achieved at Level 1 or 2 and are academically and socially capable of embarking on a college course, but continue to require support emotionally and socially. This means that all the Post 16 students attend a local Further Education college and complete a full time course there. Full time college courses usually amount to between two and three days of teaching per week. The remaining two or three days of the young person’s time are spent at the Post 16 provision, where English, Maths, and Work Skills BTEC qualifications are taught, and therapies are delivered therapies as per the young person’s needs and statement.


The three local colleges Post 16 is linked to are: NESCOT, South Thames (Merton Campus only) and Kingston Art College (not Kingston main college).


Specialist Learning Support Assistants employed by Post 16 are on site at each college. They are are trained in supporting students with communication needs. Our Speech and Language Therapy team also go into the colleges to support and observe the students there.


Opportunities at Post 16:

  • Vocational learning: Students can choose a course at one of the partner Further Education Colleges.  Courses range from level 1 to level 3 and are usually based on a manual or practical style of delivery.

  • Skills for employment: All students who attend Upper House Post 16 take part in a BTEC known as Work Skills at level 1 or 2, which is delivered by teaching staff alongside Speech and Language Therapists.

  • Speech and Language Therapy: As in the secondary school, Speech and Language Therapy is delivered in group sessions, with additional individual support on a ‘needs-led’ basis. The focus is on maximising functional communication and skills for life.

  • Enterprise: Students organise and take part in community or charity events.

  • Sports and Social: Students make links with students from other schools or colleges and begin to grow in confidence when meeting new people.

  •  Arts Therapies: All students have the opportunity to access arts therapy if it is felt necessary.

  • Travel Training: Students who are not independent travellers take part in a course aimed at enabling them to travel independently to their link FE College.



Blossom House School

Blossom Lower School & Upper House

Principal: Joanna Burgess Dip.C.S.T, MPCSLT, Dip.R.S.A SpLD. PGCE
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