This page is an ideal example of some of the elements that Wix has on offer - images, gallery, text box, container box, buttons, links to email and documents. 

I've duplicated the page from SIBS News page. This can be a quick and effective way of doing a project.

Clownfish in Aquarium
dog running with toy
Two Flamingos
Bees at Work
Green  parrots
Orange fish
Sea Turtle

Training for Wix is quick and easy. 

Thursday, 18th May 2017

Forthcoming dates:

One time only, special event.

If you have any feedback for the training, please email Jayne:

Example of a Session Timetable:

Time (mins)



Light Box

A Lightbox is a fabulous way of highlighting something . It pops up on a page.

We can think about using it for when the school is closed, phone lines are down, a pop-quiz on The Hub for hump-day, announcing a special event. A myriad of possibilities. It's not to be overused, as pop-ups are a nuisance and people will ignore them and their content with overuse.



The Search Engine Optimisation is an overlooked and fabulous tool that Wix provides. Most companies will pay a fortune to have someone to do SEO for them, and we can do it for free. It helps boost our ratings on search engines, use keywords to be found and page descriptions to help highlight content on a page. This is also where you can edit your urls and 




Buttons are an attractive element on a website. They can link to a page, open up an email, re-direct you to a website, open a document and be linked to an anchor menu among other things.

Images & Galleries

Images and galleries come in a range of shapes and sizes. Galleries are not as customisable as I wish for Wix, but they'll easily add to the page.

As images take up a lot of memory, it's best if you hide this element from the mobile view. 




Container Boxes

A container box, as the name would suggest, will have other elements inside the box. Thus, you can move a multiple of text and images around in one go. The arrows on the top and bottom of the box will help with this. The sidebar, as mentioned in your handout, is your best friend for this. Layout is key and a few millimetres out on the Wix site, will look drastically out of place when published and viewed on other screens and search engines. 


Documents and Images

The documents are stored in separate sections of Wix. They need to be kept in good order as too many unnecessary documents can be confusing and slow the site down.

Any Questions?

Are there any questions on elements of the website that you want to learn how to control and/or use?

Thank you and goodbye.

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Principal: Joanna Burgess Dip.C.S.T, MPCSLT, Dip.R.S.A SpLD. PGCE