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New EAP (Employee Assistance Programme) Provider

From Monday ​5th February, 2018, we will have a new EAP Provider.

Education Support Partnership

Telephone: Please call 08000 856 148 available 24 hours, 365 days a year


Online: Please visit and use the details below to access their online advice centre for useful blogs, articles, resources, tip sheets and webinars:- Login: worklifesupport Password: support1

Volunteers Needed


Would you like to be a volunteer participant at a Youth Club?

The club is for young people with high functioning autism or Asperger’s but we need responsible young people to join in and occasionally act as buddies

All expenses reimbursed, meal provided


  • Excellent work experience for 6th form students, students of health and social care, medicine, nursing, speech and language therapy, or people seeking careers as care workers, teachers, teaching assistants, play facilitators or related careers

  • If you attend regularly for 6 months, we will provide you with a reference and may offer additional training

  • A valuable addition to your CV or personal statement

  • Potential to apply for paid work in the future if you demonstrate commitment, reliability and enthusiasm (if openings are available)



Where? Phipps Bridge Youth Club

(Phipps Bridge Youth Club is 309 Phipps Bridge Rd, Mitcham CR4 3TY. It is attached to the back of the South Mitcham Community Centre building. Turn into the car park on Haslemere Avenue just before the Mitcham Medical Centre)

When? Every other Thursday evening 6.45pm to 8.45pm and alternate weeks at various places the community (cinemas, restaurants, activity centres etc.)

How? Complete a volunteer application form on our website or contact Ruth Abbott, our Project Manager on or 020 3458 5121 you will be asked to have a brief informal chat about your strengths, interests and aspirations. All volunteers must undergo a DBS enhanced screening and must willing to do 3 online learning modules that take 45 minutes each (Health and Safety, Equal Opportunities and Diversity, and Safeguarding Children).


Please contact Ruth Abbott, the Project Manager on  or 020 3458 5121 for more information.

Sarah Baillie - Health & Beauty


Sarah Baillie is a beautician that lives around the corner from Blossom House at Tennyson Avenue. The Facials, Aromatherapy, Massages, Scrubs, and other beauty treatments on offer might be of interest to some of the staff. Please have a look at her price lists and November Offer below.


London 100 Cycle Event

In 30 days (end of July) my husband Rodney Arde, will be taking part in the London100 event cycling 100 miles (+20 more as a self-enforced warm-up to get to the start) from Olympic Park through London and around the beautiful but challenging Surrey Hills and back to London again. This year we are fundraising for a small charity, Daisy's Dream ( who do fantastic work helping children and their families deal with bereavement issues by arranging for specialist therapists to work with the children. Having witnessed first-hand the difficulty that young children go through when processing these highly emotional and difficult to process feelings we hope to raise as much as possible for the charity.

Please help us to smash the fundraising target! The link below will take you directly to the fundraising page.
Don't forget to tick the box to reclaim Gift Aid on your donation if you're a UK tax payer. Virgin Money Giving will pass this on in full to charity, making your donation go even further.

Thank you



Re:Cognition Healthcare

Tuesday 6th June, 2017. 15:00 - 19:30

You are cordially invited to the Early Start Denver Model for ASD conference on the 6th June.

Joey is also attending and it promises to be a good set of talks.

Please see the attached poster, for more information and the email address to register.

Merton Mencap - Holiday Jobs

For those who might have lost the email, missed it completely or would like a reminder, Merton Mencap sent through a flyer about holiday work opportunities.

Please click here!

Blossom House, School Fete 2016/17

Dear all,


The school fete is in the diary for the 19th of July. The fete committee have already had their first meeting and I'm sure you're already looking forward to the event.

As the fete draws nearer we will add more to this page so that you can see what to expect and get excited about the day.

For the time being, I know that we would be grateful if anyone can help donate or ask for prizes/gifts/vouchers for the raffle. Helen in the office will be collecting them to add to the list.

Dyslexia Sperm Bank

Hi all,


Hope that subject line caught your attention!  Watch the video for above more information.


A new global charity created and run by people with dyslexia has just been launched.  Made By Dyslexia aims to raise awareness of the positive aspects of dyslexia and democritise support for children & adults with dyslexia, regardless of how much money they have.  Richard Branson is a big supporter of this cause and you can read his blog about it here:


The main website is:



Geena Vabulas

SpLD Technology Specialist

Teach Meet 2017

Dear all,


I have just had the exciting news that we only have 12 tickets remaining for our forthcoming TeachMeet Streatham!  Just to remind you this is the plan for the evening:


  • The event runs from 5-7pm at Streatham and Clapham High School (senior school on Abbotswood Road)

  • We have 7 amazing inspirational speakers

  • There will be time for discussion and questions

  • Refreshments and wine from 4.30pm


We have decided to focus on the theme of 'Creativity', looking at many of the qualities and skills that are associated with what it takes to be creative and innovative, with the overarching aim of improving teaching practice and the learning experience of pupils within the classroom. 


We have an amazing line up of speakers, and I don't say that lightly with the following speakers confirmed:


  • Jill Berry - Education Consultant, author of 'Making the Leap: From Deputy to Head'

  • Jaz Ampaw Farr - Education Consultant, speaker, author, literacy adviser

  • Debra Kidd - Education Consultant, author of 'Teaching: Notes from the Front Line'

  • Jonnie Noakes - Director of the Tony Little Centre, Eton College

  • James Mannion- Researcher and Education Consultant

  • Toby Cooper and Emily Mundy - Art Therapy Coordinators at Blossom House School

  • Nikki Snelgrove - Director of Studies at Streatham & Clapham High School



We really hope that you can make it and that you will spread the word to encourages other teachers and educationalists to attend perhaps their first-ever TeachMeet!  I actively encourage you to grab you tickets here now: 

The tickets have sold out. But, please contact Toby and we will see if there is enough interest to run a small group meeting.

If you have further queries, please let me know and if nothing else, please spread the word.


Best wishes,


Miss Amy Sillitoe

Head of Art

Lead in Extended Learning, Innovation and Research

Streatham & Clapham High School

42 Abbotswood Road, London SW16 1AW

(0208) 677 8400

Public Lecture...

Thursday 20th April. 18:00-20:30. 

Lecture Theatre, ArtsTwo, Mile End Road, London, E1 4NS.

In this public lecture, award-winning science writer and New York Times bestselling author of NeuroTribes, Steve Silberman, will take a deep look at the hidden history of autism and the promise of a future in which everyone is given the support they need to reach their maximum potential. Doors at 6, talk starts 6.30 and will be followed by a wine reception.

Steve Silberman is an award-winning science writer whose articles have appeared in Wired, the New Yorker, the MIT Technology Review, Nature, Salon, Shambhala Sun, and many other publications. He is also the author of the New York Times best-selling NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity, which unearths the secret history of autism, long suppressed by the same clinicians who first became famous for discovering it, while also discovering surprising answers to the crucial question of why the number of diagnoses has soared in recent years. The book received a California Book Award as well as the Samuel Johnson Prize for Non-Fiction — the first popular science book to win the prize in its 17-year history. Silberman speaks regularly at schools and universities, advocacy groups and organizations, and corporations including Microsoft, Google, and Apple.

In his book and his keynote presentations, Silberman shares little-known stories of the researchers and psychiatrists who pioneered the first autism diagnoses while also providing long-sought solutions to the autism puzzle. In an effort to shed light on the growing movement of “neurodiversity,” Silberman discusses the evolution of autism and explores the need for a more humane world in which people with learning differences and those who love them have access to the resources they need to live happier, healthier, more secure, and more meaningful lives.

Getting here: Queen Mary is easily accessible via the Central, Hammersmith and City and District lines (Mile End Station). Arts Two is number 35 on this campus map.

Careers Week...

Abbey Sanders needs your help...

I wanted to send out an email about careers week which is on week commencing 22nd May. We are looking for some people to come in to have a chat with the children and tell them all about their job. If you know anyone who would be able to come in and have a chat please email me back.

All help is much appreciated.


Abbey Sanders

Learning support assistant

Sounds a Bit Pretentious...

Hello All Staff,


I’m running an event on Thursday 30th March at Streatham Wine House. They do brilliant wine.  It’s the day before we break up for Easter.


There will be music and comedy and it is FREE!


If you’re free please come along!  It will be from 7pm.


If you have any questions or if you know anyone who might want to perform at an event please let me know!



Alex Ross

English Faculty Head

Well Online...

Website:    Well Online (

Username: BMlogin

Password: wellbeing

Well Online is your comprehensive wellbeing resource, offering information, advice and confidential support. Brought to you by CiC, your organisation’s Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), the site offers a wealth of practical tips, fresh ideas and stimulating reading. Whatever challenge you face, you will find help here.

November Helpsheet


Building Resilience

Mental health and Wellbeing is a major component of our general health and is as important as our physical health. Regrettably it is often not properly understood or ignored until we are forced to confront it.

Emotional Well-being and developing personal resilience will better equip you to manage the pressures of modern life. This is a vitally important life-skill which everyone needs to know.

A person’s emotional well-being is their ability to be able to function in society and meet the demands of everyday life. The opposite of high emotional well-being is severe psychological distress.

Most individuals as they progress through life will to some degree experience both of these states, which is normal. Understanding and being able to recognise these challenges will enable you and to seek help at the earliest opportunity.

If there is anything raised that you would like to discuss further you can speak with one of our counsellors on the Adviceline.

We hope you find this useful and informative, if you have any questions or concerns please get in touch, we are happy to assist in any way we can.

Kind regards,
Claire Neal

June Helpsheet


Grief and Loss

All of us at some stage in our lives will experience it, although the ways in which we grieve and the circumstances of each loss will be different for each individual. Grief can knock you sideways, it can physically hurt and leave you wondering how you will possibly ever get through it. It can be so painful that you may be tempted to do whatever you can to avoid feeling it, but blocking the grieving process can lead to other issues and prevent the natural return to interest and meaning in life that follows the grieving process.

On top of the ache of losing someone many people are confused by grief; they don’t know what to expect, what is normal and how to grieve in a healthy way. Many of us think of grief as being triggered by a death but grief and loss can appear in many forms throughout our lives such as when a relationship breaks down, when we move home, change job etc. In this helpsheet we will focus on grief and loss as a result of bereavement but some ideas may be applicable to other losses. What follows are some guidelines highlighting what you might experience during the grieving process and how you can support yourself throughout. If there is anything raised that you would like to discuss further you can speak with one of our trained counsellors on the Adviceline. In this helpsheet we will explore what anxiety is and offer suggestions that you can use to prevent your anxiety from taking over. If there is anything raised in this helpsheet that you would like to discuss further you can speak to one of our qualified counsellors on the Adviceline.

We hope you find this useful and informative, if you have any questions or concerns please get in touch, we are happy to assist in any way we can.

Kind regards,
Claire Neal

May Helpsheet


Managing Anxiety

Anxiety is an uncomfortable feeling of worry or unease about something with an uncertain outcome. It is generally concerned with events that may or may not unfold in the future, it could be a fear of doing a bad job, worry about all the things we feel we ought to be doing but aren’t managing, health-related fears, relationship worries or a belief that the worst will happen.

Feelings of anxiety are a normal part of human experience and can help us by drawing our attention to something that needs to be taken seriously. Used well it can motivate us to take action and make positive decisions but when it becomes overwhelming it can be distressing or even paralysing, affecting us physically, mentally and emotionally.

In this helpsheet we will explore what anxiety is and offer suggestions that you can use to prevent your anxiety from taking over. There are a range of suggestions so that you can decide which are best for you; what works well for one person may be different for another. Even one or two small changes have the potential to make a significant difference. If there is anything raised in this helpsheet that you would like to discuss further you can speak to one of our qualified counsellors on the Adviceline.

We hope you find this useful and informative, if you have any questions or concerns please get in touch, we are happy to assist in any way we can

Kind regards,
Claire Neal

April Helpsheet


Compassion Fatigue

Compassion Fatigue is a relatively recent term which has been used to describe the physical and emotional exhaustion that can affect people working in caring professions such as nursing, psychotherapy, humanitarian work and the emergency services.

Listening to heart-wrenching stories day in and day out or witnessing high levels of distress on a regular basis can take its toll. Frequently people who choose to work in caring professions do so because they believe strongly in what they are doing and have a genuine wish to help others, and when others are in pain they feel it too.
Fortunately, there is much we can do to prevent compassion fatigue, beginning with self-awareness and learning to respond to and manage our personal needs. When we care for our own wellbeing we increase life satisfaction and put ourselves in a stronger position to support others.

In this help sheet we will explore what Compassion Fatigue is and offer some useful tools and strategies for prevention and management. If there is anything you would like to discuss in more detail you can speak with one of our trained counsellors on the Adviceline.

We hope you find this useful and informative, if you have any questions or concerns please get in touch, we are happy to assist in any way we can.

Kind regards,
Claire Neal

March Helpsheet


Guide to Better Sleep

Most people experience sleep difficulties at some point in their lives, whether short-lived or longer term insomnia. Prolonged sleep deprivation can impact on a person’s emotional and physical wellbeing.

Sleep problems are often, though not always, a component of mental health issues; sometimes they may contribute to them and sometimes they may be a symptom of them. The good news is that small changes can make a big difference getting a good night sleep.

In this month’s wellbeing article we will look more closely at our sleep needs and offer a range of suggestions for common sleep problems.

We hope you find this useful and informative, if you have any questions or concerns please get in touch, we are happy to assist in any way we can.  

Kind regards,
Claire Neal


The first news article for the Staff Portal should be fun, exciting and set the precedent for the rest of the page.

It is to be light-hearted, and something that wouldn't be offensive or private if parents were to know.

This can be anything from a staff night out, an event coming up or even something you did over the weekend that others might be interested in.

Be sure to let the office know. We look forward to the First Article coming through.

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