Email & Remote Desktop Connection


If you need to access your emails from outside of the school then please use this service.

Domain\username: blossomhouse\staff

Remote Desktop Connection

A new version of Remote Desktop Services (RDS) has been released which is faster and more secure than our existing RDS service.


Note A)                Please try to use this new service as soon as you can as the existing service (due to security issues) will be decommissioned by the end of the summer term 2019.


Note B)                 If this service does not work in your home environment you will have to look at your home security settings such as your Firewall and Router etc. If the existing service worked then this one should as well.


Note C)                 For this service to work reliably then ideally you need to have a broadband connection that has a minimum down link speed of 10MB and a minimum up link speed of 1MB.


You can use the following to test your home broadband speed:

Note D)                Most of the schools software will work via the RDS service, though more complex software which requires superior graphics features such as SMART Notebook will generate warnings and some features in the software will not be available. This is due to a limitation of the graphics cards in the server core.


Note E)                 When you sign into this service a new profile is created for you. This is not the same as your roaming profile that follows you around within the school. Therefore certain settings that you are used to will have to set up again, such as options in Word/Excel etc.


Note F)                 When you have finished using this service please close all applications (particularly those in Microsoft Office) so that you do not keep any work locked for other users (or even yourself).



Please read the following instructions to see how to use this new service.


Instructions for those who have Windows at home (all other operating systems such as MAC/iPad/Chromebook are dealt with below):


Tip: If your home version of Windows does not support Remote Desktop Services (such as Windows 10 Home Edition) then please follow the instructions below for All other operating systems.


a) Make a copy or email to your personal email address the following desktop icon from Shared Files:

Tip: This icon contains all of the security and encryption required to access the schools computer system from outside of the school and must be copied to your home computer, you cannot create this icon from scratch by yourself, you must use a copy of this icon from the school.


b) Copy this icon to your home desktop and double click the icon and accept the certificate:

Tip: You can rename this icon to something more suitable to yourself but do not change any other of its properties as it will stop working.


c) Enter your school’s username and password (prefix your username with blossomhouse\ ):

d) A new window will open up on your PC displaying your school desktop:

e) When you have finished using the service you can either Lock (to use the session at a later date) or Sign Out from the service:

Instructions for All Other Operating Systems such as MAC/iPad/Chromebook:


The RDS service which exists on Windows PCs does not exist in other operating systems so you need to access RDS via any common web browser such as Google Chrome.


a) Enter the following address into your web browser:


Tip: This is quite easy to remember, I want to send an encrypted link to My Desktop at Blossom House School in the United Kingdom.


b) The following webpage will be displayed:

c) Enter your username and password and press the Sign in button (prefix your username with blossomhouse\ ):

d) Double click the My Desktop icon:

e) Acknowledge which local resources you would like the remote session to be able to access (i.e. I would like to be able to print from the school to my home printer):

f) Your desktop will now be displayed in a browser window:

g) When you have finished using the service you can either Lock (to use the session at a later date) or Sign Out from the service:

h) You should also Sign Out from the webpage:

Many thanks,


Blossom Lower School & Upper House

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